Friday, March 13, 2009

Someone Like You

Sarah Dessen's Someone Like You is a story about love in all different forms.

Until that one fateful summer, Halley and her mom had always been close. Halley's mom made her go to a leadership camp over that summer that she did not want to attend. Their resentment for each other only continued to grow when Halley got a call from her best friend, Scarlett, asking her to come home as soon as possible.

Scarlett's boyfriend and first love, Michael, had been killed in a motorcycle accident. Being a great friend, Halley did everything in her power to comfort Scarlett, but after school began they got bad news. Scarlett was pregnant with Michael's baby.

Halley then became involved with Macon, a bad boy with a reputation to make a mother scream. Macon and Halley skipped school to help get Scarlett out of an unwanted abortion, and were there for Scarlett during her pregnancy.

When Macon started pushing Halley for more than she was ready for, the relationship began turning sour. On New Year's Eve they got in a big fight. Halley got in the car with Macon and he was driving way too fast while under the influence of alcohol. He was a terrible wreck and injured Halley. She decided to no longer speak to Macon.

Halley was a stronger person for all the problems she had faced.


[p-fitz] said...

[:i love this book.

Thunders said...

sound like a great book

Wildgrace said...

I just might check into that book. You should read Sticky Fingers. Sticky Fingers is a great book about a smart teenage girl headed down the right path, but she runs up on some big hurdles. The scary thing is everything she goes through could happen to one of us.